Irrigation Systems

Blackmores provide irrigation solutions to residential households, town councils, school ovals and small or large agricultural businesses.


About irrigation

Irrigation refers to the application of water to soil in the correct amounts and frequency. Effective irrigation will influence the entire growth process and improve yield and quality of your plants. In communities that are facing the effects of drought, proper irrigation is extremely important.

Deciding which irrigation system is best for your operation requires a knowledge of equipment, system design, plant species, soil composition and land formation. Irrigation systems should encourage plant growth while minimizing salt imbalances, soil erosion and water loss.


The value of irrigation

  • To grow more pastures and crops
  • Produce higher yields and meet market/seasonal demands if rainfall events do not occur
  • Insurance against seasonal variability and drought
  • Stock more animals per hectare due to the reliability of pasture supply throughout the season
  • Maximize benefits of fertilizer applications
Lawns, Ovals and Gardens
  • Automatic watering systems gives your lawn the water it needs without wastage or over-watering
  • Keeps lawn healthy and green
  • Increases property value
  • Saves time from manually watering


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