Kilkee Ballast Trough

Ballast Trough 250L

Perfect for any farm or station

The ballast sweep trough is perfect for any farm or station, its strong one piece construction is perfect for sheep. The fact that the trough is ballasted allows you to be able to move the trough with ease when empty. Once installed the trough will become heavy due to the ballast water, and avoiding any need to peg the trough down, and in the event the drinking water where to run dry, the ballast will keep the trough heavy so it will not be moved by live stock. Due to its double skin design, the trough will not twist and buckle in hot conditions, and with its easy sweep out design it is very easy to keep clean.

Wall HeightTotal Height (inc. lid)LengthWidthDepthPrice (No Float)Price (with Float)

Standard Fittings Included: 

  • Float valve: 40mm (11/2”) or a 25mm (1”) Inlet with no float.
  • Inlet: 50mm (2”)
  • Drain from drinking tank: 75mm (3”)
  • Drain from ballast tank: 50mm (2”)

Available colours

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