Household Pumps

Household pumps

Selecting the right household pump for your application can be a daunting task with lots of different types of pumps on the market. However with the help of our guide figuring out what type of pump will be easy!

The benefits of selecting the right pump will ensure that you have the most efficient pump to minimize your electricity consumption and have minimal pump cycling and wear. The two most important factors in selecting the right pump is knowing the pump flow rate and the pressure needed.


Think about the number of taps on your property that are likely to be on at the same time. The sum total will be your maximum flow rate, however be wary that different taps have different flowrates. Use the guide below as a rough estimate.

Water Fixture or Appliance Flow Rate (Litres per minute)
Faucets 9.5 – 11.5
Toilets 8.5 – 19
Bathtubs 15 – 30
Shower 9.5 – 19
Dishwasher 7.5 – 11.5
Washing Machine 15 – 19




To accurately work out how much pressure you need, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the maximum lift the pump has to do, i.e difference in height between pump and the highest point of use.
  2. Does the pump have to draw up the water suction? i.e is the water source below the pump?
  3. How far does the pump have to pump water too?
  4. What are the pipe friction losses?, i.e what size, type and length of pipe is being used
  5. What is the required pressure of the tap/shower or sprinkler?
  6. What is the water source? i.e bore water, grey water, black water
  7. What power supply is available?

Some of these questions can be hard to answer, but please feel free to contact us so we can help you to work out the answers to these questions.

Otherwise, a suitable recommended pressure is 300 kPa working pressure and as a rule of thumb add an additional 10% to your pressure required. If you have a lot of small pipes or your pipes are long you will need more due to friction loss. 300 kPa is sufficient for single storey buildings and up to 500 kPa for multi storey buildings.


Pump Type

The main types of household pumps available are:

  • Multistage household pumps – provide great pressure suitable for medium to large homes with long running pipes. It is the best choice when you have a positive head of pressure available to the pump
  • Jet household pumps – these pumps are self-priming and are ideal for long and difficult suction applications such as sucking from a dam or creek. They are generally less efficient but they handle air pockets a lot better than other household pumps can. It is the best choice when you have to draw the water up and out of a tank or well.
  • Variable speed pumps – they are the most energy efficient on the market. The variable speed motor only run at higher speeds when needed.
  • Submersible household pumps – these pumps can be put inside your tank or down a bore. They are a multistage pump that provide great lift before pumping around the house.


Pump controller

You can select between automatic constant pressure controllers, or a pressure switch and tank combination.

  1. The automatic controller provide constant pressure and dry run protection as the pump will automatically turn off and on when water is needed and it will sense when there is no water at the source.


  1. The pressure switch and tank combination work together to provide an automatic pressure system. The pump won’t turn on until the water has drained from the pressure tank, meaning the pump will not start up as frequently.



As an authorized Grundfos dealer we offer competitive prices on one of the leading brands in the industry. Grundfos have a long history of quality products and their products are held in our highest regard. However there are many quality brands on the market products such as Lowara, Onga and Davey which we also recommend.

Fed up? Let us do the work for you!

We will endeavour to tailor a free quote to your specifications. In addition, purchasing through Blackmores Power and Water will give you access to our post-sales support and servicing for your system. Our technicians provide comprehensive testing of pumps, warranty jobs and can service or repair your pump in our workshop or remote locations.


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